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Managing tasks manually is one of the problematic issues to be addressed in work culture. Explore how the technological advancements have led to optimum utilisation of process automation tools.

Did you ever realise that employees of your organisation daily investing plenty of time on the same task can be amended? To make the business productive, finding the best alternative for process improvement is a must.

It is quite relatable for all organisations that even 1 hour that gets wasted on basic work can lead to wastage of a couple of hours. Consequently, losing on profitable deals and skipping important deadlines will be witnessed due to these manual tasks. Moreover, a company with a strength of 600 employees will face massive loss, if the right solution to automate routine work is not identified.

With the expansion of business and growing size of the company, the rate of inefficiency is likely to increase. However, if process automation tools are used in a proper manner, the pool of benefits will attract success for your organization. In fact, less time and better returns of investment can be expected with the application of these tools.

Obviously, finalising the best process automation tool is a very critical job, yet understanding all its features should be unbiased. We have compiled 26 process automation tools that are worth considering in the year 2021. These tools are shortlisted on the basis of their utility for entrepreneurs, enterprises and SMBs, and other organisations.

Prior to listing down these automation tools for business and their features, let’s understand their mechanism. It will enable you to get familiar with the merits of these process automation tools along with their role in workflow management in 2021. You can choose the best option out of our list while keeping your budget in mind.

Best 27 process automation tools and their significance

Name Target Segment Pricing
Breakout SMB & Mid-Market $15 onwards
Nintex Mid-Market & Enterprise $875 onwards
Kissflow Mid-market $390 onwards
Cflow SMB $16 onwards
Ninox SMB $8.33 onwards
Next Matter Mid-market & Enterprise $18 onwards
Zoho Creator SMBs $10 onwards
Pipefy SMBs $10 onwards
ProcessMaker Enterprise $1495 onwards
Comindware Tracker SMBs $24.99
Tallyfy SMBs $4.17
Process Street SMBs $15 onwards
Flowforma Mid-market NA
Creatio SMBs $30 onwards
Appian Enterprise $75 onwards
Kintone SMBs $24 onwards
Knack SMBs $39 onwards
Formstack Mid-market $19.00 onwards
AppSheet SMBs $5 onwards
Pega Platform Enterprise $90 onwards
Integrify Mid-market NA
Frevvo Mid-market $275 onwards
Airslate SMBs $30 onwards
Plutio SMBs $15 onwards
Taskade SMBs $5 onwards
Proworkflow SMBs $10 onwards

1. Breakout

Breakout Dashboard Screenshot
Breakout Process Automation tool

Platform details

Breakout is a smart workflow automation tool which enables you to gain control of all recurring tasks. It can automate internal processes while making all the tasks organized. With an efficient execution, this platform makes workflow organized.

Processes like emails and notifications, webhook, integration and approvals can get automated by this platform, it is listed among top process automation tools. Managing and tracking service requests from multiple platforms becomes easier with Breakout.

This tool is ideal for small or medium sized enterprises to make team collaboration simpler. All the manual errors interrupting the productivity of an organization can now be eliminated through optimum utilization of Breakout workflow automation tools. Business process analysis and management becomes resourceful when predesigned templates are utilized while working on this platform.

It is easy to automate recurring processes step-by-step with the help of this modern workflow management software. Remote workers can build collaborative tools efficiently without any coding. Breakout workflow automation tool is ideal for staff management, sales automation, accounts and finance management, case reporting and handling any repetitive task of the organization. The tool has customizable features to build user-friendly applications within minutes.

Key Features

  • Pre-designed templates for capturing structured data: Choose from over 1000 templates within the tool according to your business targets.
  • Visual workflow management: Transparent tracking of workflow with the visual process management system, Kanban View is offered in Breakout.
  • Unified dashboard: Creation and assigning a checklist of workflow to the team becomes efficient.
  • Automation: Business processes become automated by eliminating human intervention.
  • Integration: Integration with over 1000 apps
  • Collaboration: Collaborative workflows for efficient business processes’ management


  • Basic Version is available at $15/month per user
  • Standard Version is available at $30/month per user
  • For the Enterprise version, the vendor needs to be contacted
  • Free trial version: 30-Days free trial Available

2. Nintex

Nintex Dashboard Screenshot
Nintex Dashboard Screenshot

Platform details

Nintex is a significant resource for creating workflows in SharePoint and an asset for business professionals. But, a dedicated builder has to be present on the platform to extract the utmost benefits of this process automation tool. With this digital solution for workflow automation, the suite makes time-consuming tasks easier. This tool interacts with SharePoint directly, hence, importing, exporting, or finding the data can be omitted.

This low-code workflow automation tool accelerates business growth of an organization. From forms and workflows to other tasks, all the business operations get automated with the implementation of Nintex functions. The robotic process automation uses bots to automate repetitive tasks on this platform. In order to benefit from this process automation tool, the customizable templates for business management need to be downloaded keeping in mind the department, environment and processes.

Nintex ensures variable management improvements for SharePoint. As a part of this feature, the unused variables can be removed in a single tick and reordered according to the relevant categories. Besides, all the industries and departments can automate the workflow by selecting the relevant module. All in all, Nintex is the intelligent software which optimizes processes to make business productive.


Key Features

  • Workflow Testing: Workflows are tested before implementation.
  • Authenticated Tasks: Admin reserves the right to add login authentication.
  • Web Request Display: Dynamic Nintex forms are created.
  • Data Lookup Control: Binding data in a form with dropdown list.
  • Nintex Gateway: Advanced automation functions are addressed through RPA bots.
  • User Groups: Tenant admin creates the group to share workflows.
  • Microsoft Teams integration for Office 365: A new set of Nintex compatible with Office 365 is provided.


  • Nintex Workflow Standard: 10 workflows for unlimited users starting under $875 per month
  • Nintex Workflow Enterprise: 10 workflows/ botflows for unlimited starting under $1,350 per month

For unlimited accessibility, contact the vendor

3. Kissflow

Kissflow Process Template
Kissflow Process Template

Platform Details

Tracking performance and initiating process requests is possible with the Kissflow platform. You can view items that demand approval and actions with this tool in an easier way. Kissflow also supports purchase order management, approvals of payment, and workflow processes related to purchase requisition. It is easy to monitor KPIs while creating reports with the analytics feature of this tool.

This process automation tool boosts productivity of business while removing hindrances caused in workflows. Kissflow is known for its utmost flexibility and customisable interface. From personalizing forms, elements, data sources and layout to creating fully automated custom forms, this software is ideal for making operations efficient. It is compatible with Google Workspace, Dropbox, Salesforce, Dropbox, etc. Kissflow allows you to track custom metrics pertaining to all the business processes.

This simple software does not demand coding experience to manage workflows. Kissflow is available at an affordable price covering up to 20 users. Employees can experience minimal disruption of work with this software. It has 3Cs and has principal factors, consistency, convenience and connectivity for a digital workplace. Kissflow offers an intuitive approach for project management, case management and collaboration of teams for productive discussions.


Key Features

  • Custom Workflow Process: Customize workflow operation with flexible interface
  • Analytics And Reporting: Reporting becomes easier, efficient, and better
  • Third-Party App Integrations: Integrate with third-party apps for better workflow automation.
  • Automate Tasks, Escalations, And Notifications: Each task can be managed and executed in a digitalized manner while avoiding bottlenecks.
  • Workflow For Google Apps: Supports Google apps workflow management
  • Team Collaboration: Team can collaborate with this tool to make processes productive
  • No-code workflows: Create workflows quickly irrespective of their simple or complex layout


  • Starter Version: $390/month for 20 users; includes basic features for beginners
  • Pro Version: $1000/month for 50 users; security options to protect business processes
  • Enterprise Version: Plan starts at $2000/month for professional accessibility

4. Cflow

CFlow Process Builder
CFlow Process Builder

Platform Details

Cavintek’s Cflow is a workflow automation tool for HR processes with a blend of cloud BPM and workflow automation. The software is ideal for all sized businesses and enterprises with an option to customize workflow templates. Powered by Zapier integration, Cflow platform enables you to connect your workflow with Office 365, Google Workspace, and other tools used by the organization.

This tool has been trusted by more than 20,000 users across the globe due to its agility and effectiveness in managing workflow. Small, medium and enterprise businesses can utilize the encryption & security features of Cflow. It allows users to keep organizational data secured. The multi-factor authentication, non-repeatable passwords and password expiry timelines are some of the ways which safeguard customer data by this platform.

Keep the organization’s data secured by hacking attempts by using the Cflow process automation tool. It is easy to create workflows with drag and drop features while using custom templates through form designer. The backup policies of Cflow enable you to access automated backup of your data in the cloud. Reduce paperwork and streamline onboarding of new employees and maintain track of daily and weekly tasks with this software.


Key Features

  • Ready-To-Use Workflow Templates: Pre-designed templates to create workflows efficiently
  • No-Code Workflow Automation: User need not have an experience of coding to use this software
  • Employee onboarding: Automate the onboarding of new employees
  • Invoice: Generate automated invoice without manual errors
  • Audit management: Maintain records to make auditing error-free
  • Visual workflow creator: Build your workflow in minutes with custom templates
  • Process optimization: Eliminate issues in the workflow and streamline processes


  • Basic version: Cflow is available at $16 per month/user; suitable for small teams
  • Advanced version: $22 per month/user; suitable for businesses that require integrated workflow suite
  • Fully loaded version: $30 per month/user; ideal for enterprise level workflow management

5. Ninox

Ninox Kanban Board
Ninox Kanban Board

Platform Details

This process automation tool is beneficial in creating varied apps pertaining to invoicing, meeting management, event management, contact management, inventory management, CRM timesheets, real estate management, projects, collections and accounting. Custom forms and fields can be created with the help of Ninox essential for customer relationship management, property management, account management, timesheets, and project management. The tool also supports automated data backups.

Users can export their data in CSV and Excel formats with the help of Ninox. This platform provides various APIs which enable users to share table views, retrieve integrated barcode scanners, specific files, etc. Exporting data in Excel and CSV formats is supported in the functions of Ninox. An iOS app can also be used for a flexible workflow automation experience.

The admins of this platform can manage the sharing permissions for users. The synchronization of data between devices makes the work culture flexible for users. As a result, they can work from anywhere. Furthermore, the collaboration tools boost productivity of business processes. Ninox Cloud and Ninox Mac can be chosen by the users depending on their workflow management requirements, system browsing and system database settings.

Key Features

  • Customization: Document generation, low-code app development and process design are some of the custom functions offered by this process automation tool
  • Collaboration: Data sharing permission, accessibility, unification of data and process routing can be controlled
  • Process management: Experience automated overview of processes, analysis and real-time monitoring
  • User interface design: Use WYSIWYG editor for workflow automation
  • Data control: Migration and synchronization of data becomes easier
  • Billing & Invoice: Create, manage and track bills and invoices
  • Audit Management: Automated database management for simplified auditing


  • Ninox Cloud can be purchased at $8.33 for a user/month on an annual subscription

Free trial and free version of Ninox are available.

Vendor provides discounted plans for educational and non-profit organizations.

6. Next Matter

Next Matter Dashboard
Next Matter

Platform Details

The tool can be set up within minutes and it offers in-built templates for operation management. Admin can create an instructional checklist, streamline processes and assign tasks with the Next Matter process automation tool. Next Matter is suitable for fast-growing companies that require core operations infrastructure to scale up the business. The business giants who intend to attain efficient output and need control over operations should use this tool.

Users with no technical experience can automate business processes within a few minutes with the help of this tool. The manual business operations including spreadsheet management, meetings, chat or email can be eliminated by using Next Matter business processes automation tool. Customers and suppliers can work on a single platform while attaining the business objectives in a seamless manner. This end-to-end platform enables you to carry out operations easily through workflow automation.

Next Matter software is intended at building automated processes within a few minutes. With the help of this no-code platform, the manual processes can be digitized. It provides functions which are intended at creating superior user experience. The third party app integration can be experienced through a single application by using Next Matter. Users can opt for monthly, annual or quote based subscriptions of this software.

Key Features

  • Digitize manual processes: Digitize business operations to improve user experience.
  • Single platform for data management: Remove the clutter of paperwork and manage your data on a single platform.
  • Third party integration: Connect with third-party apps and make process management organized.
  • No-code process automation software: Users with non-technical background can build processes efficiently.
  • Graphical workflow editor: Visual workflow editor to track performance of the team and status of business processes.
  • Customizable dashboard: Dashboard can be customized according to the workflow management requirements.


  • Free trial is available for 14 days
  • Starter: $18 per user/month
  • Standard: $30 per user/month
  • Professional: $49 for a user/month
  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing information of Next Matter

7. Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator Dashboard
Zoho Creator Dashboard

Platform Details

From logistics to order management and work automation, this platform is useful for analysing data by creating dashboards. With the help of Zoho Creator, manual tasks can be eliminated. It can be integrated with third-party software including Google Apps, PayPal, QuickBooks and Salesforce. The tool can be chosen on the basis of workflow automation requirements according to standards of small businesses and enterprises.

Regardless of complexity of business processes, Zoho Creator automates tasks efficiently. Business reports and data can be accessed through this platform anywhere and anytime instantly. This multi-feature software is among the prominent BPM tools which make workflow management organized and simplified. The custom workflow management can be planned by using Zoho Creator, wherein, forms and workflows are created according to business requirements.

The app developers can collaborate to edit applications using this platform. Besides, the forms and reports can be shared through URL within a few seconds. Zoho Creator enables users to view, modify and access the data of forms as well as reports through mobile devices too. The database applications can be kept secured with the help of this workflow automation tool.

Key Features

  • Work automation: Automate the daily activities including payments, approvals, notifications and workflow with Zoho Creator
  • Flexibility of hosting: Hosting on premise, Azure and Zoho Cloud are supported by this tool
  • Building applications: Dashboards, AI, analytics and forms can be created with Zoho Creator
  • App integration: It can be integrated with REST APIs and connections
  • Data migration: Zoho Creator offers data migration in spreadsheets, legacy systems and databases
  • Multi-device apps launching: The tool can launch mobile apps, portals, rebranded apps and multilingual apps


  • Free Trial: 15 days
  • Basic Plan: Annual billing per user every month, $10
  • Premium Plan: Annual billing per user every month, $20
  • Ultimate Plan: Annual billing per user every month, $35

8. Pipefy

Pipefy Dashboard
Pipefy Dashboard

Platform Details

Pipefy is a process automation tool aimed at efficient workflow and BPM management with advanced features. This platform increases reliability, consistency and efficiency of business processes. This tool can be customized to offer fully digital experience to stakeholders. Business processes like job opening, accounts management, employee onboarding and purchase activities can be executed in a hassle-free manner.

From gaining control over service requests and digital transformation of drive to enterprise class business processes automation, Pipefy tool enables each aspect to be managed with precision as well as ease. This no-code application automates business workflows within minutes. The tailor-made and digitized service delivery experience can be achieved through this workflow automation tool. Pipefy is a single software to automate workflow for all departments.

Newly hired staff members can experience the best digital experience by utilizing Pipefy’s HR business processes automation. In terms of custom workflows, the well-designed process management system can be designed without any experience of coding. Over 215 countries have adopted the BPM tool, Pipefy to fuel their growth and improve user experience. The speed of operations, online visibility of organization and its productivity are increased with the help of this software.

Key Features

  • Custom Workflows: Create customized workflow with this low-code app development platform
  • Process Management: Monitor business process in a real-time manner
  • Setup: Manage activities, dependencies and workflows of the organization with single application
  • Collaboration: Gain control over sharing permission, accessibility, process routing and data unification
  • Finance workflow automation: Manage financial operations efficiently without manual errors
  • Human Resources processes automation: Experience digital transformation of HR operations
  • Customer service management: Automation of repetitive steps to offer best customer service


  • Free version: for small businesses
  • Business version: $22/month per user; for medium sized organizations to scale-up business processes
  • Enterprise version: Plan starts from $36/month per user; for businesses that require enterprise-level security and business processes management

9. Process Maker

ProcessMaker Dashboard
ProcessMaker Dashboard

Platform Details

This tool is intended at empowering various segments of organizations ranging from IT operations to HR management and automate approval based workflow. With the help of the ProcessMaker platform, the errors and complications of business workflow can be eliminated. This is one of the most effective process automation tools for connecting with third party system and resolve workflow issues within few hours. This intuitive design of ProcessMaker lends a time-saving approach to your organization for managing workflows.

ProcessMaker is a low-code app development BPM tool that offers absolute digital experience to your organization. Stay connected with your team, clients and stakeholders with a single platform. The built-in communication system of this software enables your team to discuss workflow management strategies within the interface.

As the business processes get automated, ProcessMaker makes information flow transparent. Besides, employees and management can access the data through one platform to present a clear scenario of workflow. The loopholes can be instantly identified and accordingly improved without management manually checking the work of employees. In fact, this tool allows users to integrate with third-party apps to gain their data and analytics functions on the ProcessMaker platform.

Key Features

  • Dashboard: Monitor business processes with precision
  • Real-time Process monitoring: Get real-time updates of assigned task
  • Low-code app development platform: Automate workflow management
  • Business rules management: Compliance control for transparent workflow management
  • Work progress tracking: Due date of the assigned task can be tracked instantly without manual supervision
  • Mobile process management: Work progress, assigning task and status of operations can be checked anytime and anywhere


  • Free Version for 30 days
  • Standard Version: $1,495 per month; billed annually.
  • Enterprise Version: $2,479 per month; billed annually.
  • Custom Version: Billed on the basis of requirements; suitable for hybrid hosting models.

10. Comindware Tracker

Comindware Tracker
Comindware Tracker

Platform Details

It is a low-code workflow management tool which boosts productivity of business processes. Comindware minimizes the dependency on the IT department while allowing other people with non-technical background to modify, run and design processes in a simple manner. The software offers comprehensive support for iOS and android platforms. Daily business processes can be streamlined with this no-code workflow automation software.

Comindware is pre-integrated with MS SharePoint and Outlook. The capabilities provided by this software include change and approval management, issue tracking, customer request management, education & system management and software development. In terms of case management, Comindware enables users to submit, handle and route cases irrespective of their origin. The tool offers absolutely configurable workspaces that centralize all the cases pertaining to data, documents, tasks and discussion within the user's workspace.

All the excel sheets can be imported in a single integrated system of this business processes automation software. This will lead to minimum staff engagement and efficient outcome with the help of business process automation of Comindware. The real-time visibility and robust workflow process can be witnessed with the help of this software identified among the popular process automation tools. The mid to large sized businesses can maximize their profits by optimizing and automating their operations with Comindware software.

Key Features

  • Sharing Permission: Data can be effectively shared with the clients by managing permissions
  • Unification of workspace: Unifies data, collaboration tools, workflow software and people in a single workspace. This makes case management easier and efficient.
  • Process Routing: Background data of tasks within cases including deadlines and priorities of documents and discussions can be simplified and managed smoothly.
  • Accessibility: This low-code software can be easily accessed and used for workflow management.
  • Customization: Customize no-code app development applications according to business requirements


  • Standard version is available at $24.99 user/month
  • Free Trial is available for this tool
  • Accessibility options: in the cloud and on-premise software
    Please note: The price reduces on addition of new users

11. Tallyfy

Tallypro Dashboard
Tallypro Dashboard

Platform Details

All the complex business processes become simplified with Tallyfy and makes workflow organized. The workflows get digitized with the help of this process automation tool. Within a matter of 60 seconds, anybody can document tasks by using Tallyfy software. It is suitable for all sized businesses irrespective of type of industry. This cloud-based software has been the reliable choice for users who prefer business process automation tools with visual workflow builders to determine required actions.

It has a checklist-type interface for automating workflows. Decision and conditional logic can also be added to workflow with the help of Tallyfy. In fact, training and onboarding processes become easier as well as better with this business processes automation tool. Capture all the information related to business operations in this user-friendly workflow automation software for a paper-less execution. Approval based workflows can be tracked further allowing users to check the status of request on the platform of Tallyfy.

All the emails, paperwork and chats will no longer be required if the workflow automation is invested on by using this software. The business processes can be turned to autopilot mode as Tallyfy automates tasks depending on the customized rules defined in the interface. This tool may not be available in the free version, but it's free trial has been provided before the users invest on the paid versions of Tallyfy.

Key Features

  • Designed for integration
  • Integrated with 400+ applications using webhooks in Zapier
  • Data mapping
  • Event tracking becomes simplified while offer control over process management
  • Workflow sharing permission
  • Workflow can be shared with clients easily
  • Intuitive interface for workflow automation
  • Real-time notifications, actionable checklists, alerts and escalation automate workflow on a single platform
  • Compliance management
  • Secured way of streamlining business processes efficiently
  • Customization
  • Custom dashboard, configurable workflows and business rules management gets automated


  • Tallyfy Docs Version: $4.17 per user/month on annual subscription (ideal for measuring engagement)
  • Tallyfy Basic Version: $12.50 per user/month on annual subscription (suitable for tracking processes)
  • Tallyfy Pro Version: $25 per user/month on annual subscription (beneficial for automating decisions)

12. Process Street

Process Street Dashboard
Process Street Dashboard

Platform Details

It is a simple and easy to use workflow management tool for business processes’ automation. Process Street is aimed at making complicated workflow management quicker, enjoyable, and better for teams across the world. Effective business processes can be attained by investing in this cloud-based business process management tool. Multiple projects can be handled by users while assigning tasks to team members with utmost ease.

The ongoing projects can be reviewed by using Process Street. It also allows you to create and customise checklists and connect with third-party applications. Process Street enables the users in executing business functions related to onboarding, recruitment, help desk support and content promotion. The integration of this workflow automation tool with Zapier allows it to connect with third-party applications. Customer support solutions are extended through email and phone by Process Street.

The software is compatible with Mac OS and Web browser operating systems for workflow automation. Several cases of workflow can run simultaneously in the Process Street. The software is intended for making your business documents organized within a few minutes. The intuitive keyboard shortcuts of Process Street have power to create structured documents. Processes can be run as collaborative workflows on this tool.

Key Features

  • Checklist Options
  • Scheduled checklists can be created and managed
  • Permission controls
  • Permission to share, assign task and view status of work can be controlled
  • Structured document creation
  • Documents can be created in seconds with intuitive keyboard shortcuts
  • Workflow review
  • Work can be reviewed with predefined functions of the platform
  • Collaborative workflows
  • Multiple process can be run on the single interface


*** Basic Version:** $15 user/month for unlimited templates, process documentation and self-guided onboarding

  • Standard Version: $30 user/month for workflow automation
  • Professional Version: $45 user/month for powerful workflow automation
  • Enterprise Version: Customized plans

13. Flowforma

Flowforma Dashboard
Flowforma Dashboard

Platform details

FlowForma is a powerful Business Process Management tool which automates workflow efficiently. The platform is 100% no code workflow automation tool. It provides decision making and collaborative work management. FlowForma enables users to deploy business processes in a simple way and with utmost flexibility, irrespective of the complexity of the tasks. Forms, workflow, document generation and decision making are composed within a single platform.

Data can be turned into insights with the help of reports & analytics features of FormFlow. It has multiple features in one interface of the process automation tool. Efficiency of building solutions gets increased by using this single tool with advanced workflow automation features. In FlowForma, business managers can utilize document generation to create documents from the data of business processes.

This no-code app development tool is customizable which aims organizational efficiency and improved workflow management with automation. FlowForma is beneficial for collaborative and informed decision making while combining forms and workflow on a single platform. From new product development and clinical trials to other operations, this tool can streamline business management processes. FlowForma is ideal for all sized businesses for implementing processes in an automated way with less manual work.

Key Features

  • Customization
  • Build customized applications for workflow automation
  • Data Control
  • Keep your data secured and gain control over sharing permission
  • Process Management
  • Experience the real-time process monitoring and process analysis
  • User Interface Design
  • Add customized Branding with automated workflow management
  • Collaboration
  • Gain control over sharing permissions, unification of data and its accessibility


  • Free trial available; pricing not provided by the vendor.
  • Pricing model: Subscription

14. Creatio

Creatio Dashboard
Creatio Dashboard

Platform details

Creatio is a low code platform designed for business processes management and client relationship management in a smooth way. From accelerating sales, services and marketing operations of enterprises of different sizes, this tool offers comprehensive applications to users to boost marketing initiatives to improve customer journeys. Besides, the sales cycle can be accelerated with the help of sales creatio. In terms of service segment, Creatio streamlines customer engagement to boost service delivery.

The issues faced by customers can easily be addressed with the help of Creatio business processes automation tool. This sales CRM software is an end-to-end workflow management platform to automate sales operations. The complete sales cycle can be managed in an automated manner irrespective of the complexity of processes. Customized CRM and client engagement can be created by building a comprehensive profile of customers.

Customer database assessment, identification of top clients and workflow management to increase sales can all be achieved with the help of Creatio. Nurturing leads, sales cycle management and deal closure can all be managed if this software has been used in the correct way by the organization. Whether your organization deals with the B2B or B2C niche, Creatio is the ideal sales workflow automation tool designed to handle all levels of complexity of sales processes.

Key Features

  • Sales processes automation
  • Automate sales processes of all types and accelerate business growth
  • Build comprehensive customer profile
  • Manage client databases and create custom engagement to boost sales and improve customer experience.
  • Sales workflow management
  • Manage sales operations of any complexity in an efficient manner
  • Boost sales performance
  • Utilize smart goal setting, analytics and forecasting to assess sales metrics
  • Customer relationship management
  • Explore CRM tools to boost sales
  • Internal security
  • Admin or dedicated manager has the rights to set access for users


  • For team: $30 user/month; suitable for small and medium sized businesses of direct sales
  • Commercial version: $35user/month; Comprehensive range of tools for e-commerce and short sales cycle
  • Omni-channel version: $50 user/month; ideal for all sales channels
  • Enterprise version: $60 user/month; ideal for medium and large enterprises for sales processes automation

15. Appian

Appian Dashboard
Appian Dashboard

Platform details

Appian is a low-code workflow automation platform that allows organizations to efficiently develop unique and resourceful applications. The applications which are created on this platform bring digital transformation in business and attract competitive differentiation. This software has features which have been recognized for automation and low-code. Appian unifies your data and builds apps apart from automating workflow. The customizable templates of this software enable users to create applications according to workflow requirements.

Complex processes can be optimized, designed, managed and executed with the business process management feature of Appian. Collaborative work can be automated to resolve cases faster with this tool. Unmatched handling of processes is supported by Appian with its excellent capabilities. Routine tasks are automated, an integrated workflow and productivity of organization gets boosted. Legacy systems can be integrated easily with Appian.

In terms of artificial intelligence, AI integration from AWS, Azure and Google makes apps smarter. Intelligent document processing is offered by the tool to build smarter apps. Achieving ROI faster, accomplishment of hyper automation and hindrances delaying the app building can be reduced with AI capabilities of Appian. This workflow automation tool is ideal for all types of enterprise and businesses for customized and secured experience.

Key Features

  • Real-time business processes management
  • Automated way of monitoring assigned tasks and the work progress without human intervention.
  • Complex event processing
  • The platform allows users to automate operations of varied complexity levels
  • Task management
  • Create, manage, view and access tasks easily and instantly
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Progress of task can be evaluated while eliminating bottlenecks
  • Collaboration
  • Users can connect with other team members through this platform for project discussion


  • Application version: Starts from $75/month per user
  • Free trial of 30 days is available for this platform
  • Pricing model is based on per feature
  • Enterprise version: $150/month per user

16. Kintone

Kintone Dashboard
Kintone Dashboard

Platform details

This no-code process automation tool allows non-technical users to develop powerful apps, processes and databases for their company as well as the team. Within a matter of a few clicks, Kintone users can create resourceful apps to automate business processes and quickly prepare reports of complex data. Kintone offers multiple in-built applications for CRM, inventory management, project management and others to businesses which need to get started instantly.

This teamwork automation software is intended at offering high productivity to businesses through collaborative approach. With the help of Kintone, the end-users can create web database instances. The drag and drop interface can be managed easily on this workflow automation platform. Building, sharing and automating custom workflows has become easier with Kintone to attain data-driven results. It has been used by more than 19,000 users who trust this software for its efficient workflow management features.

CRM for sales team, expenses report workflow management for finance team and social media management automation are some of the aspects automated by Kintone. These applications can be customized easily to address organizational goals with the help of this workflow automation tool. Spreadsheet data can be migrated to Kintone to access data easily which the entire team can view anytime. This software is suitable for all sized businesses that want to optimize business processes.

Key Features

  • Unique Kintone instance
  • Business processes automation interface and features according to your organizational goals are provided.
  • Collaboration
  • Sharing permission and accessibility of data are complemented by unification of the team on this platform.
  • Customization: Process design, document generation and low-code app development can be customized.
  • User Interface Design
  • WYSIWYG Editor is user-friendly and productive for business processes management
  • Web databases
  • With the help of Drag and Drop interface, apps can be created for web database management.

17. Knack

Knack Dashboard
Knack Dashboard

Platform details

Knack is a powerful business processes automation tool which transforms data in an online database. Structuring different types of data becomes easier with this software. Link the records together and connect your data with Knack. Applying formulas and using equations to extend data are possible with Knack process automation tools. The software does not require coding.

Knack is a powerful business processes automation tool which transforms data in an online database. Structuring different types of data becomes easier with this software. Link the records together and connect your data with Knack. Applying formulas and using equations to extend data are possible with Knack process automation tools. The software does not require coding. Customizable templates can be used for workflow automation with the help of this platform.

Some of the templates in Knack software include job portal, inventory manager, CRM, customer portal, job listing, project manager and product catalogue. Users can customize their portal by adding maps, calendar, tables, forms and e-commerce features along with searches. In case of any glitch, assistance or guidance, users can rely on chat and email support along with customer service help via phone and Skype.

Key Features

  • DIY custom app builder: Data fields options are provided in the platform to compile relevant data together.
  • Reports, analytics and workflows: Business data can be presented and analyzed in flexible ways with the help of this process automation tool.
  • E-commerce and integration: Accepting payments and options to build e-commerce applications.
  • Operation system compatibility: Zapier integration with other services is offered by this zero code application.
  • Security: The security of customer data is prioritized by this process automation tool. User roles, password-protected login and permissions restrict access are essential features of this platform.


  • Starter Plan: $39/month. The plan provides 20,000 records, 3 apps, 2GB storage and Basic chat & email support.
  • Pro Plan: $79/month. The plan provides 50,000 records, 8 apps, 10 GB storage and Priority support.
  • Corporate Plan: $179/month. The plan provides 125,000 records, 25 apps, 50 GB storage Premier support.

18. Formstack

Formstack Dashboard
Formstack Dashboard

Platform details

Formstack is a workflow automation tool which makes operations of business quicker. Tasks get executed within minutes with this no-code application. Any non-technical person can build forms with the help of Formstack process automation tool. Besides, collecting data and automation of data is simplified with this platform which does not require coding for creation of forms. Boost productivity at the workplace with this tool and simplify document creation.

Formstack eliminates bottlenecks in the productivity of workflow. In terms of form building, custom form URLS can be created for personalized and secure experience. The platform is helpful in the creation of digital and flexible workflows.

Formstack can streamline recurring processes. Documents can be digitally signed anywhere and anytime while eliminating paperwork from business processes. Better decision-making is now easier with this customisable workflow automation software.
Bottlenecks of the data collection will be removed by building a customized form, setting up integrations and making them live. Electronic signatures can be captured for efficient contract signing, payment release, invoice approval and more.

Empower your team by introducing them to a platform of workflow automation with Formstack. Powerful results can be obtained from the conversion kit of this software. In the context of marketing, CRO features are beneficial in tracking and monitoring campaigns.

Key Features

  • Creates smarter forms: Design customized forms according to business requirements
  • Makes marketing strategy smarter: Track and monitor marketing campaigns with Formstack
  • Conversion tools: Identify the tools of Formstack for optimization of marketing strategies.
  • Conditional logic: Online forms which demand customer’s inputs can be created to improve user experience
  • Section 508 compliant forms: Forms can be created while ensuring that internet users can access the data, irrespective of disability status


  • Plan starts from: $19.00/month
  • Pricing model types: Open Source, Subscription
  • Free Trial is available

19. AppSheet

AppSheet Dashboard
AppSheet Dashboard

Platform details

AppSheet is a smart no-code platform which app creators count on around the world. This Code Development Platform merges your data sources. It enables you to copy a sample app and allows you to utilize add-On for Excel, forms or Google spreadsheets. This workflow automation tool saves your time by making workflow efficient. Even non-technical users can make tasks productive with the help of AppSheet.

It can deploy and create multiple apps in real-time. The platform is packed with a robust interface and provides a rich user experience. With a multi-support platform, data integration and data visualization, AppSheet enables management to review workflow and make necessary changes for improving productivity of the business. This software can integrate with third-party apps to make reporting, data management and workflow management easier.

Besides, organizations can keep data secured and display data in different viewing formats. From maps, gallery, charts, dashboard and calendars to other formats, AppSheet makes process management convenient. Apart from this, data can be captured instantly along with text, QR codes, barcodes, pre-filled checkboxes, GPS and other elements by using this tool. The data collection process becomes smooth and result-driven with the help of AppSheet.

Key Features

  • Automation of workflow and provides real-time updates
  • Data Control for migration, security and synchronization of data
  • Administration includes access control, data security and application deployment
  • Development of application templates
  • User interface design supports application templates, workflows and customized branding
  • Publishing enables platform compatibility, lifecycle management and application deployment


  • Premium version: $5/user/month on annual billing
  • Business subscription: Customized pricing plans depending on business requirements
  • Pro version: $10/user/month
  • Price structure: Pay per user; pay per app
  • Please note: 50% discount is offered by vendors for non-profit and educational organizations.

20. Pega Platform

Pega platform
Pega platform

Platform details

The Pega Platform is among the data processing tools which have been designed to offer digital transformation by integrating artificial intelligence, customer engagement capabilities and automation. From building simple to complex apps, the users can easily automate workflow with this tool. It offers a no-code app application experience for business process management and has a user-friendly interface.

This customer service workflow automation software enables users to build applications quickly. Pega Platform is the trusted software for customer engagement and operational productivity. Robotics, AI and digital process automation of this software empower businesses to achieve targeted outcomes. The case management features of this platform assesses the hindrances in the growth of business and accordingly the workflow management strategies are modified.

In order to experience the optimal utility, this software delivers customization to build applications with relevant business processes management functions. The team can be empowered by offering the staff members while sharing the tips and guidance to understand the mechanism of Pega Platform. Mission, challenges, modules and outcome can be identified in the training to make workflows automated. Make decision-management easier, better and efficient with this process management automation tool.

Key Features

  • Process management: Create documents with no-code app development while managing custom process management strategy.
  • Collaboration: From brainstorming, sharing ideas to project discussion, teams can collaborate at one platform.
  • Data integration: Integrate data through third-party app integration
  • Cloud services: Auto-backup your data and keep it secured
  • Improved user experience: New capabilities for front-end developers and customers are offered by Pega Platform for a better user experience.


  • Free trial: 30 days; start building apps
  • Enterprise starter: $90 per user/month; for workflow management according to department processes
  • Enterprise transformation plan: Request a quote

21. Integrify

Integrify Dashboard
Integrify Dashboard

Platform details

This business process automation tool is intuitive and easily accessible. It can be deployed easily to automate as well as streamline tasks of organization handled on a daily basis. Integrify is a reliable workflow automation tool for efficient and consistent results. Operations of IT, HR, marketing and customer service have benefitted from this software. It is effective in creating custom forms, tracking workflows and reporting operations.

The ease of use and broad integration along with smooth workflow management with lesser human intervention has made Integrify, a resourceful asset for all sized companies. The self-service portal enables users to create forms, monitor processes, track work progress and approve tasks smoothly. In terms of forms management, the data can be collected with utmost accuracy. When it comes to reporting, the interruptions and bottlenecks can be identified with the help of Integrify.

The process management becomes effective with this process automation tool as the documents can be routed while applying custom business rules. Integration of data with existing systems is another merit of this software aimed at automated workflow management. The experienced implementation or consulting services can target better returns on investment with the usage of Integrify. This enterprise and business management software focused on real-time request and task management along with customized reporting systems.

Key Features

  • Process builder: Achieve flexibility in process management and implement rapid adaptive framework for managing operations
  • Form designer: Create responsive mobile and desktop work platforms which are reusable and gain control over their formatting with layout tools.
  • Process reporting: Maintain audit trail of all the business operations from form data, attachments, comments, discussions and user actions to keeping visual reports handy.
  • Process integration: Connect and share custom applications within your network to REST-based API for task management.
  • Self-service portal: Create customized dashboards to search and process requests quickly.
  • Product video: Access the step-by-step guide to build an automated workflow system


Flexible subscription plans depending on customer requirements

22. Frevvo

Frevvo Dashboard

Platform details

This workflow automation tool efficiently automates forms & approval processes for various business segments like K-12 schools, Higher Education and Finance. It transforms complicated and recurring manual operations into fully automated, and organized workflows. The business processes become efficient as CRM features enable you to stay connected with your clients always from any device. Frevvo is a low-code application which uses visual form and point & click wizards to connect to systems and automate daily workflow.

From employee on-boarding, travel expenses, order automation, and purchase order to vacation request along with sales order can be automated with this tool. It has quick UX for an impressive look & feel for automated business processes management. Frevvo lets you connect to SQL databases, Google Apps, SharePoint and other systems. With this tool, you can export PDF documents, manage reports of data and turn on alerts & notifications.

With the help of form designer functionality, custom styling and sophisticated layouts can be utilized through drag and drop functionality. These forms can be accessed through mobile platforms and customized according to business processes management on this platform. Frevvo consists of digital signatures which are accessible through touchpad or mouse. Alternatively, users may create custom PDFs for forms and signatures used for government purposes.

Key Features

  • Automatic reminders and escalation: Let task submission reminder and escalation be automated with the help of smart workflow management software
  • Mobile process management: Data can be accessed, viewed and managed on mobile platforms anywhere and anytime
  • Automates forms: Generate custom forms and gain control over the data through automated form management
  • Audit trails: Automate audit management to track work progress and status of task submission.
  • Automatic notifications: Get notifications related to new task, approvals and other business processes on your device while eliminating emails and chats


  • Free Trial: Available
  • Pricing model: Subscription
  • The plan starts from: $275/month

23. Airslate

Airslate Dashboard
Airslate Dashboard

Platform details

This workflow automation tool simplifies daily workflows without involving any complicated codes. airSlate. It is a workflow management platform to create various types of business processes. airSlate is beneficial for departments including Education, finance, HR, IT, and legal work processes which can be automated with the use of airSlate. Furthermore, it performs specific features like budget approvals, marketing campaigns, and travel request workflows.

airSlate can also be integrated with common applications used by companies like Slack, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.In terms of support, the chat feature of customer has been rated as an excellent tool by most of the users. In a matter of a few minutes, the document forms can be created on airSlate. This no-code robotic process automation tool can automate any business process, that too, without writing any code.

The e-signature, contract negotiation, document generation and smooth automation of workflow processes can be attained through airSlate software. Besides, the no-code RPA enables users to add custom logic to business processes on this single workflow automation platform. In terms of surveys, condition based surveys and questionnaires can be prepared with the help of online surveys segment of airSlate.

Key Features

  • Flow creator: Workflow with drag and drop interface can be automated for conditional routing.
  • Digital signatures: Agreements can be signed with secured digital signatures
  • Document generation: Custom documents can be created and integrated with single or multiple records’ system
  • Contract negotiation: Collaborate with business partners by signing contracts through e-signatures on this platform
  • Payments: Payments can be collected in an automated and secured manner within the workflow processes.


  • Free Trial: Available; limited access after the first 30 days to usage.
  • Basic Version: $30.00/month; get everything that can automate your business.
  • Business Cloud Version: $50/month; Explore all the features of airSlate Basic and get familiar with salesforce integration.
  • Pricing model: Free license, Monthly paid subscription

24. Plutio

Plutio Dashboard
Plutio Dashboard

Platform Details

This comprehensive all-in-one process automation tool which allows users to create proposals while sharing files and sending invoices with the single interface software. Freelancers and small businesses can avail benefits for workflow management by using Plutio. This business management platform is essential for time tracking, task and project management. Besides, communicating with the clients to address business processes is easier with this tool.

Plutio has a very user-friendly interface and delivers efficient workflow management experience. This business management tool has in-built templates for customizing form creation, website designing, designing project request form and many other documents according to business requirements. Plutio comes with a 7-day trial with zero commitment or clauses. All types of businesses can be empowered with the multiple features of this tool.

The forms created with the help of this software can be connected with the tasks and projects by utilizing the forms & surveys feature. Plutio can be integrated with third-party apps with public APIs. The dashboard for workflow management on this platform is customisable. Plutio process automation tool has been trusted by more than 10,000 businesses for simplified workflow automation.

Key Features

  • Efficient automation of tasks: Automate tasks with customized workflows according to business deadlines and schedule efficiently.
  • Project management: Organize projects with custom fields and sharing permission while monitoring them according to task timeline and outcome.
  • Invoice & Proposal management: Let paperless payment execute with automated payment schedule, issue and due dates, instant notifications and multiple payment methods.
  • Binding legal contracts: From proposal attachment, electronic signatures and custom templates to public link of contracts, make contract management processes automated.


  • Solo version: $15/month (all features are accessible, suitable for solo entrepreneurs)
  • Studio version: $20/month (Invite clients for collaboration along with access to all the features)
  • Team version: $30/month (Invite up to 30 collaborators and access all the features)

25. Taskade

Taskade Dashboard
Taskade Dashboard

Platform Details

This collaborative workflow management tool helps users in brainstorming ideas, project management and organizing tasks. Taskade has a collaborative task list to automate business operations and further creating a unified workspace. It is a tree structured process automation tool that enables you to create a project roadmap within minutes. Task dependencies can also be set within your workflow with the help of this tool.

Taskade enables users to create a real-time list of tasks and workflows which are integrated video chat tools. The platform is compatible with iOs, Windows, Mac and android. This platform enables users to create their to-do list and manage tasks instantly. They just have to type in the given area, and start adding their ideas, plans, or activities. It is easy to check the percentage of work completed. Besides, there are various keyboard shortcuts to handle easy formatting (bold, underline, italics, and highlight) , delete completed tasks and expand/collapse task list).

The admin or owner of the document can define share permission rights by choosing whether the participant will only view or edit the shared document. People with login details can keep a track of all the lists on Taskade platform. In addition, Users can use desktop app which are compatible with Mac and Windows. It is also possible to get extensions with this tool for Chrome and Firefox with additional features like notifications.

Key Features

  • Shareable Lists – Task lists can be easily shared on this platform with the dedicated button of share. It gets activated on a popup screen with the shareable link. Users simply need to copy/paste the link to share it with their team members.
  • Templates, Desktop App, Browser Extensions – Taskade has in-built templates to manage lists, including weekly tasks, product roadmap, project overview, meeting notes, and tasks.
  • Nesting system: Divide teams on the basis of their capabilities and create nesting systems for task management.
  • Project management and labelling: Users can add labels to projects depending on their priority to send notifications and timeline details to employees.


  • Free trial version has unlimited tasks and collaborators, tasks, etc.
  • Paid version is available at $5/month
  • Pricing model: Flat rate

26. Proworkflow

Proworkflow Dashboard
Proworkflow Dashboard

Product details

This web-based workflow management tool is intended at making remote collaboration easier. From project management, organizing tasks and mobile compatibility to overall efficient automation, ProWorkflow helps businesses in managing the daily processes. Sending invoices and requesting quotes have become simpler with this software. For assistance, free customer support is also available to offer tips to business professionals of the company according to their requirements.

All the projects can be managed online while handling all the tasks easily. In addition, tracking time, generating reports and task management functions can be automated with the help of ProWorkflow. It has a comprehensive range of features, but still, it can be easily used by the team. Besides, contact management automation enables us to keep a secured record of staff, clients and contractors with the help of this software.

ProWorkflow allows you to create custom categories of projects to be viewed and grouped according to their relevance. Simplified time-sheet entry and powerful reporting are supported by this software for monitoring smooth workflow execution in an automated way. Project quotes, tasks and invoices can be generated within a few seconds with the help of this platform.

Key Features

Easy integration: Integration with tools like Dropbox, Google Drive, Xero, QuickBooks Mobile & Desktop, Zapier, Google Workspace, etc.
Setup: Setup of Activities, flows, dependencies and notifications is accessible
Task management: Setting milestones and due dates of task completion
Drag & drop task management: Project management includes planning, project map, views, calendar view, GANTT.
Templates: In-built templates are available for customization


Solo version: $10 for 1 user/month for easier project & task management
Professional version: $20 for 1 user/month for comprehensive accessibility
Advanced version: $30 for 1 user/month for hierarchical control


Automate your business operations and attain accuracy in data management with the process automation tools. It’s time to make workflow management easier, efficient, consistent and error-free. Prior to selecting the best business process management tool from our list of 26 recommendations, make sure the features, pricing and other significant details are checked for making workflow management simplified. Furthermore, the team size and business requirements should also be considered while finalizing the process automation tool.

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