Top 10 BPM Tools in 2021
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Top 10 BPM Tools in 2021

A BPM tool or software works wonders in improving the overall performance and efficiency of your business process. It takes some of the manual load off professionals by introducing automation wherever applicable.

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Business Process Management or BPM tools are the backbone of business professionals, helping them to organize and streamline their business processes. Using these tools, a process or business workflow can be automated or optimized according to requirements.

BPM tools essentially help you make better utilization of your resources to obtain the most efficient results out of your business process. There are several such tools available in the market, with varied price, availability, and features.

Here, we will discuss the top BPM tools in 2021 that are used by millions of professionals worldwide. But before that, let us take a look at the benefits of using a business process management software.

Benefits of a BPM Tool

Benefits of a BPM Tool

A BPM tool or software works wonders in improving the overall performance and efficiency of your business process. It takes some of the manual load off professionals by introducing automation wherever applicable. It also works to improve your brand image and open up new business avenues for the company. Checkout the complete BPMS guide here.

Some more benefits of BPM software are:

  • Reduced expenses and increased profits
  • Higher efficiency and productivity
  • Lower error margin
  • More streamlined processes
  • Stronger business framework
  • Reduced manual labor and management tasks
  • Better security and access control
  • Standardization across the organization

BPM software provides general features like administrator tasks, access control, designing and programming aid, single sign-on facilities, performance metrics, application integration, and lots more.

However, not all tools will suit your requirements. To make an informed decision, check out the top 10 best BPM tools of 2021.


Nintex is one of the market leaders in content automation and business workflow. It is known for being user-friendly and reliable. You can use this tool to optimize basic functions as well as organizational processes.

Its suite of products includes Nintex Workflow, Forms, Mobile, Hawkeye, App studio, and Document Generation. Each offering has its own strengths and special features that can be used to revolutionize any industry, from manufacturing to sales.

Best for: Medium-sized to large enterprises


  • Event monitoring and analytics
  • Business and mobile process management and automation
  • Customizable dashboard, etc.


Breakout lets you automate several internal processes, like emails and notifications, approvals, integration, webhook, etc. With this tool, team collaboration becomes simpler and less disruptive for other tasks.

You can control and track service requests from all platforms using this software. It also lets you address these concerns automatically, run recurring processes, and monitor the status of various ongoing projects.

Best for: Small or medium enterprises


  • Predefined templates for structured data
  • Collaborative workflows
  • Integration with over 1000 automation apps


Pipefy helps you to build smart workflows through automation of several tasks, such as fulfilling service requests, optimizing daily processes, and ensuring smart collaboration. It works to bring stakeholders, vendors, and end-users on the same platform for a smoother business experience.

Through this tool, you can track entire tasks, launch relevant workflows, assign tasks and deadlines, and get access to reports and dashboards that are updated regularly and sent to managers.

Best for: Small to large enterprises


  • Cloud-hosted and open API deployment
  • Compatible with almost all operating systems
  • Free for small teams

Process Street

Process Street is one of the best BPM tools to manage recurring workflows for a team. It specializes in document-driven workflows, handling documentation, running trigger-based tasks, and programming pre-planned tasks when needed.

This software is easy to use and lets you run multiple instances, all the while tracking each task’s progress. It offers a freemium account for unlimited users as well, which is an added bonus. With Process Street, you can create collaborative tasks and structured documents in a very short span of time.

Best for: Small to large enterprises


  • Cloud-based hosting
  • Compatibility with multiple operating systems in both computers and phones
  • Integration with over 1000 apps


Airslate is one of the most popular BPM tools globally. It helps you create, manage, and automate complex workflows in a jiffy. With its all-in-one solution, you can find solutions for all your requirements without the help of third-party software.

This tool takes less than 30 minutes to set up a workflow. You will get access to all its services through a single pricing plan, without any hidden charges. It also offers no-code integration with useful services that enable automation.

Best for: Medium to large enterprises


  • High adherence to security and compliance
  • One-stop solution for automation and collaboration needs
  • Support Document Process and Robotic Process automation

Zoho Creator

This is a very innovative tool for business process automation. Basically, Zoho Creator is cloud software that lets you create custom applications to fulfill your business needs. You require very low coding knowledge to use this platform.

Zoho Creator has a drag-and-drop interface that enables you to create apps quickly and efficiently without any IT expertise. It comes in handy for professionals who are looking for highly customized workflows or solutions.

Best for: Small to large enterprises


  • Builds multi-platform apps that integrate with your existing processes
  • Real-time access and analysis of data
  • Low code solution for business needs

Process Maker

Process Maker is another low code platform that has high automation capabilities for your business process. Using this tool, you can design and deploy complicated and customized workflows.

This tool lets you collaborate with multiple departments and systems, eliminate manual tasks majorly, track and analyze data, and improve the visibility of your processes. It has a powerful and compliant process modeler where you can drag and drop tasks and decision points.

Best for: Small to large enterprises


  • Powerful dashboard for data analysis
  • Rapid designing and deployment options
  • Integration with existing processes and software for better results


Ninox is primarily a user-friendly database that allows for the creation of better databases for your business. With this, you can move from spreadsheets to a smarter interface for storing structural data.

This platform lets you create relations and forms, along with enabling collaboration and business automation. Its real-time features help you stay connected with your team from all devices or locations.

Best for: Small or medium-sized enterprises


  • Cloud-based hosting and deployment
  • Adapted to specific processes and local regulations
  • Ability to create custom apps


Another automation software that is used globally is Cflow. This tool is a popular solution for workflow optimization as it enables digital transformation quickly and effectively. You can set up automation rules, customize tasks, and lots more with Cflow.

This software has a smart dashboard that can be customized according to your preferences. It also has intuitive features like reports and analytics for tracking processes. You can remove clutter, improve productivity, and ensure collaboration with this tool.

Best for: Small, medium, and large enterprises


  • Integration with numerous third-party tools
  • Does not require a user license
  • High data security and encryption in place


Formstack is a highly efficient solution to digitize, automate, and optimize processes with its no-code platform. It is used by 27,000 organizations globally, including Netflix and NHL. You can create forms, digital documents, and other such data points with this tool.

Streamlining workflow automation has never been easier before Formstack as it combines all useful apps under one umbrella to create a perfectly customized solution. You can simplify critical processes without investing much manual effort or labor.

Best for: Medium to large enterprises


  • Employs data encryption, secure SSL connections, and compliant data centers
  • Offers a host of pre-built forms and templates

BPM vs Low Code  vs No Code Software

Currently, some of the top BPM tools have low code & no code development feature. BPM Tools primarily are deployed to achieve operational excellence. Low code Tools are used to fast-track software development. No Code Platforms are for non-technical people to build complex applications without any dependence on IT/Tech teams.


There is no dearth of BPM tools on the internet. Each tool has its strengths, unique features, and combination of services. Depending on your requirements and budget, choose the best fit for your organization and get going!

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